Swimming in the swimming pool 1 km, 2 km in the river or pond in your own 500 m. The possibility down the river canoe or boat borrowed raftinkovým in camping in the Golden Crown 2 km.

We offer luxurious private swimming pool with heated salt water swimming and counter.

Cycling through the village.

In the nearby woods mushroom.

Fishing in the river or pond.

Tennis and bowling center in the Czech Krumlov.

The sights:

• Monastery and Church of the Golden Crown

• Celtic ruins in opidum Girls Rock

• Tower and Observatory on foot or by cable car Klet

• In the Czech Krumlov historical center, castle, tower, medvědárna, castle garden with a revolving auditorium

• in the Czech Budejovice square with a fountain and Black Tower

• in Hluboka castle and hunting lodge and Zoo

• Castle in Rožmberk

• Vyšší Brod monastery

• Lipno day trip with bathing, may ride on a steamboat

• trips to Germany, Austria and the Bohemian Forest.

The farm tour cattle, fodder production and cultivation of grain.

Pony rides or a swim in your own pond.